Project Analysis/Audit Services

The Preliminary Audit (PA) involves completing an inventory of all energy-related systems and determining the difference between the current systems energy use and costs compared to a new, more efficient system or systems and the financial operating impact of the installation of new systems. Normally, Encompass' energy services group first performs a PA with its Clients to identify if the possibility for overall system improvements is warranted by energy savings. If warranted, Encompass Energy Services then prepares an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) which provides a complete life cycle economic analysis that can be used for investment and contract purposes based upon the Client's requirements.

Renewable Energy Services

Encompass Energy Services is experienced in implementing and customizing renewable energy solutions for our Clients. We have project experience in the following renewable energy solutions: Solar Photovoltaic's, Solar Thermal, Biomass, Cogeneration, Wind, Geothermal, and District Energy.

Energy Efficiency Services

Lighting, heating and refrigeration are significant sources of energy usage, and significant savings can be realized through a comprehensive implementation program. Throughout any energy conservation project, experienced Project Managers continually work with Clients to develop energy savings strategies that enhance systems operation and save energy. These energy strategies are implemented by installing energy efficient equipment and establishing procedures to train personnel to properly operate, control and maintain equipment.

Rebate Facilitation

Encompass Energy Services has experience working with ever-changing Federal and State funding programs such as New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Additionally, Encompass Energy Services will seek all available tax credits, utility rebates or incentives for the project at hand. Encompass Energy Services works with the public utilities to maintain an awareness of the latest incentive program guidelines to help maximize the amount of additional funding our Clients can expect to receive.

Engineering/Design Services

Encompass Energy Services will design energy-related systems with in-house and contracted professional engineers and design professionals. The services performed may consist of developing conceptual designs, and pre-construction design at 60%, 90% and 100% design levels. The design services will also include design review, construction specifications, post-design activities and as-built drawings. In all cases, design documents will conform to Client design standards.