Core Competencies

Encompass Group strives to differentiate itself from our competitors by fulfilling specific factors that our business sees as being central to the way we, or anyone representing The Encompass Group, works. These Factors are:

  1. Maximizing customer benefits
  2. Providing a level of service that is not easy for competitors to imitate
  3. Providing services that can be utilized by many industries, products, and markets.

The Encompass Group focuses on three primary fields in which we have strong technical knowledge, reliable processes, and a  close relationship with customers, contractors, and suppliers. They are:

  • Construction Management
  • Design-Build

  • Energy Services

Our collective experience in the fields of Construction Management and Engineering allows us to provide added value to an owner by utilizing strong communication, constant upper management involvement, and a deep commitment to the project. Encompass uses these tools across all organizational boundaries; from the owner, to the design team, to the contractors, and the end user, to insure all players involved understand their responsibilities in making the project successful.  It is this 'Big Picture' approach that makes Encompass Group successful.

We have formed strengths relative to other organizations in the industry which provide the fundamental basis for the provision of added value. Our collective experience and diverse skills needed for success in the industry as well as the ability to integrate diverse work forces through multiple streams of technologies. It is communication, an involvement and a deep commitment to working across organizational boundaries which makes us successful.