Energy Services

Management of energy and energy utilization are the focus of Encompass Engineering LLC. Our efforts are designed to help facility owners and managers optimize their operating costs, allocate capital more effectively, and manage associated risks.

Encompass's modern methodology to problem solving is driven from the group's diverse balance of experience, analytical skills, in-depth knowledge of building systems and the proper application of advanced technologies to obtain desired outcomes.

Often leaders have a vision for their facility, but they need help carrying that vision to reality. We provide big-picture guidance to help leaders crystallize their vision, energize their institution, and create incentives for change. We identify the risks, resources, and tactics required to bring their vision to fruition. 

Our energy services group is readily available to assist and implement your energy program, which will which provide the greatest net benefit to our clients. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive feasibility studies and master planning services, which help to create a road map for the implementation of long term capital improvement strategies.
  • Facility audits, which provide an accurate baseline understanding of the existing systems and insights into energy and operations-related cost reduction opportunities. Computer-based modeling tools such as Visual DOE4, E-Quest, Energy Plus, HAP 4.2 and others are used to quantify potential savings.
  • Life cycle cost analysis services allow the client to compare various capital investment options based upon the total cost of ownership over the assets' useful lives. This typically involves conceptual design and budgeting of all alternatives.
  • Project management and owner's representative services provide our clients with project oversight expertise during implementation of improvements to ensure compliance with project specifications and scheduling.
  • Systems commissioning services provide third party technical validation that installed equipment and systems operate as specified and will produce the desired beneficial outcomes.