The Encompass Group

The Encompass Group is formed as a multidiscipline professional construction/engineering firm. It is the formation of two companies Encompass Management Services LLC and Encompass Engineering PLLC. The Group's principal activities are to provide fundamental and innovative construction and engineering services behind a team which has a diverse background in these areas and is dedicated to providing integrated services to clients in a number of specialized focus areas including education, energy, government, and healthcare, industrial, and residential clients.

Encompass has positioned itself to interact in the traditional design-bid-build process, Agency or At-Risk CM Process and we have formed strong strategic alliances to lead or work in the design-build process. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with quality, professional services.

Company Values

"I have never known for sure where the mind ends and heart, soul, courage and the human spirit begins. But I do know that it is somewhere in this nexus of mind and spirit, which we call free will, that all great champions find the strength to dream their destinies and to honor their commitment to excellence."

Dr. Bob Rotella 

  • Our success is solely based on your success
  • Motivation, drive, and passion fuels the fire
  • Leave your ego at the door
  • Communication, Communication, Communication