Successful solutions, not just singular services.

Design-Build is a unique project delivery method that offers numerous advantages to our clients for project execution. Encompass Management LLC. can provide design-build services that offer a much improved schedule, cost savings, streamlined contract, project management, and improved accountability and communications.

The task of taking on a construction project while maintaining day-to-day operations can be complicated and overwhelming. Encompass's design-build approach is focused on making projects simpler, smarter, faster and more efficient for our clients.

Teamwork makes design-build successful, which is why we work hard to develop mutual trust between the client/owner, designers and contractors. Our team in engineering, architecture, estimating, project control, construction management, and construction commissioning; assists clients in executing this project delivery method to ensure that the project is done on time and within budget.

With Design-Bid-Build it is easier to low bid then come back with change orders - with Design-Build you share ideas to solve problems. As such, recognizing and solving problems at an early stage in the process will provide the greatest value to the client.

Clients work side-by-side with Encompass to design and build facilities from concept to completion. We customize our alternative delivery methods to specifically suit your individual project needs and we aim to exceed your expectations in every phase of the process

Working in a Design-Build arrangement offers our clients many key advantages, including:

Significant Schedule Improvements:

It is estimated that on average the schedule can be improved 15% in a Design-Build format. This improvement comes from two (2) primary sources.

The first is that improved communications between engineer and contractor allows for improved construction specific information.

The second primary advantage is that, unlike traditional design bid build projects, design and construction can happen simultaneously with the pace and the stage of the project dictating the sequential steps.

Increased Accountability:

By performing engineering and construction under complimentary contracts eliminates many engineer/contractor disputes. All communication and/or interface issues become the responsibility of our Design-Build team.

Elimination of Errors:

Not really, but any errors that do exist between the engineer and the constructor become the responsibility of the Design Build team. The client does not get in the middle between engineer and contractor.

Improved Communications:

Our engineers and construction professionals share the same offices. Ideas can be scrutinized early in the design phase for constructability issues, and other ideas that can optimize and improve the installation.

Less Contracts:

Design Build will allow the Owner to write one (1) contract to the design-build team, eliminating the management of multiple contracts. This will also alleviate the problems associate with the impacts that multiple contract management presents.

Less Owner Management:

Typically, because only one contract is placed for Design Build, less Owner management is required to manage the project. This approach is ideally suited to Owners that do not maintain a large in house staff for project management. This reduction also benefits the overall bottom line for the project.