Design/Build Services

Encompass works closely with our Clients to custom design and implement energy projects. This includes all permitting, materials, services, supervision, tools, safety and labor. The complex nature of performance contracting requires careful, well-thought equipment selection which takes into consideration the size, history of the manufacturer and Client preferences. Encompass Energy Services requires all selected equipment to have been tested, inspected and meet industry standards.

Project Management/Construction Services

Encompass emphasizes project planning, contract management and project measurement and control. The Senior Project Manager will have responsibility for the global coordination of the multiple sites required by this opportunity. Assigned Encompass Energy Services staff will be at each site to act as an interface manager/control manager, to identify all required tasks and to ensure all tasks are efficiently carried out by the Project Team to the satisfaction of the Client and Encompass Energy Services.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) Service

M&V of energy savings and projects is a crucial part in successful energy project implementation. Encompass Energy Services has certified M&V professionals on staff to work with Clients to verify savings of projects implemented by third party contractors or as part of an Encompass Energy Services implemented energy services program. Encompass Energy Services is also highly experienced in tailoring, writing, evaluating and servicing M&V plans.

Training Service

Initiating an energy savings program begins a continual improvement process, rather than a specific project that has a short term goal. A knowledgeable and engaged staff can make the difference between a project that exceeds savings targets and one that requires continuous program resolution to meet its objectives.

Operations & Maintenance Service

During the PA, Encompass Energy Services will perform preliminary surveys of energy systems and interview facility personnel to identify potential opportunities for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) savings. O&M savings may be realized from warranties associated with new equipment (i.e. lighting systems), reduced operating hours associated with equipment controls (energy management system) and replacement of older equipment. Encompass Energy Services offers low-cost preventive maintenance plans for heating and cooling equipment. Maintenance services can include one annual visit followed by scheduled operation checks or a plan that can be customized to meet a Client's specific needs.


Continuous Commissioning (CC) is one of the most cost effective Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that can be applied to an energy conservation project. Annual savings are typically 15%-25%, and simple paybacks normally run from one to three years. It is possible to apply the CC process to buildings and central plants as a standalone energy efficiency process or as an ECM following a major capital retrofit energy project.

Energy Education

During the course of an energy conservation project, Encompass Energy Services team is both qualified and eager to entertain any opportunity to provide presentations, demonstrations and curriculum to our Clients.